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Mary Morgan Elementary School

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You've Been PAW'd!

During the first weeks of school, 5th grade students focused on Putting Safety First when showing their PAWS.  Ten students received awards for their outstanding behavior and two additional students won the bragging rights of being PAW’D.  Signs were placed in their yards so everyone in their neighborhood could see they have exemplar behavior at school.  Signs are also placed in the upstairs windows facing the playground for all students to see. Congratulations to Nile DeVoe and John Beachy for putting safety first this month.

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Facts & Numbers

  • Enrollment Number Total number of students enrolled is 653.
  • boardoftrustees Class Sizes Average number of students per class is 21.
  • Student Mobility Student who transfer in or out of school between the first day of October and the last school day of the year is 12%.
  • applebooks Teacher Retention Of full time teachers, 88.3% return to the elementary school year to year.
  • Advanced Academic Classes Advanced classes are offered in math and language arts for grades 4 and 5.
  • Outside the Core In addition to core academics, all students have classes in art, library, music, social & emotional learning, and technology.
  • Beyond Academics Outside the classroom students participate in K-Kids, the Kiwanis elementary school program.
  • 1-to-1 Computing Students in grades 2-5 are issued a Chromebook for accessing curriculum, producing products of learning, and developing 21st Century skills.

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