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Dear Byron Community Members,
The Byron Board of Education is looking for your input!  The District is currently considering allowing full time, non-resident staff members the ability to enroll their children into Byron CUSD schools as a means to attract and retain staff members.  They are considering applying for the application through the State Board of Education, which would ultimately need approval by the General Assembly. 
Why is the District considering this option?
This decision is being considered primarily as a means to attract and retain staff.  Like most schools throughout Illinois, we are experiencing a staffing shortage.  Although some positions are harder than others to fill, the District is simply not getting many applicants for our open positions (if any at all). 
Has the current staffing shortage negatively affected Byron Schools?
The current shortage is affecting both our teaching staff and our support staff.   The failure to find qualified staff has already impacted our ability to offer some coursework/programs at BHS (i.e. Drafting/Engineering), and it will most assuredly do so as we move forward into the coming years.  From a support staff perspective, we are frequently understaffed due to the inability to find applicants.
What positions are currently open within the District?
Right now, the district is still seeking teaching and support staff to fill several positions.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please encourage them to apply for one of our openings.  You may see our current open positions by selecting this link:  District Openings
Do any other districts do this in Illinois?
Yes, hundreds of other districts throughout the State of Illinois have applied for this waiver and allow non-resident staff members to enroll their children.  We are one of the few school districts in Ogle County who do not offer this benefit to their staff. 
Could this change negatively affect the District?
Potentially, yes.  Depending on how many students enroll, it could cause classrooms/grade levels to increase slightly.  This could have a financial impact to our district.  Through surveying our staff, we believe approximately 30-35 additional students (K-12) could potentially be enrolled next year.  Overwhelmingly our staff supports this option for district staff.
Would the district charge non-resident staff tuition to attend Byron Schools?
That is a possibility.  Although most districts that apply for this waiver do not charge tuition, some districts have chosen to do so at a reduced rate.  
Community Survey
To access the survey to provide your input, please select the following link:  Community Survey.
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Facts & Numbers

  • Enrollment Number Total number of students enrolled is 653.
  • boardoftrustees Class Sizes Average number of students per class is 21.
  • Student Mobility Student who transfer in or out of school between the first day of October and the last school day of the year is 12%.
  • applebooks Teacher Retention Of full time teachers, 88.3% return to the elementary school year to year.
  • Advanced Academic Classes Advanced classes are offered in math and language arts for grades 4 and 5.
  • Outside the Core In addition to core academics, all students have classes in art, library, music, social & emotional learning, and technology.
  • Beyond Academics Outside the classroom students participate in K-Kids, the Kiwanis elementary school program.
  • 1-to-1 Computing Students in grades 2-5 are issued a Chromebook for accessing curriculum, producing products of learning, and developing 21st Century skills.

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