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Mary Morgan Elementary School

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Mary Morgan Procedural Changes for 2017 - 2018
There are some significant procedural changes at Mary Morgan Elementary School for the 2017-2018 school year.  All of the changes listed below are grounded in trying to improve the safety of our school.  Please read this message carefully so you are "in the know" for the 2017-2018 school year.
Change 1 – Visitor Identification
All Mary Morgan school visitors will need to show ID for office staff to scan. This will allow school personnel to better screen visitors prior to allowing access to the building. All visitors must show a state-issued driver’s license or ID card. School staff will use the ID card to print off a visitor's pass with photo identification. The exception to this requirement may be on days where we have school-wide parties (IE: Halloween, Christmas & Valentines). However, all visitors to these events will be identified and pre-screened before the event occurs, which is our second significant change (see Change 2).
Change 2 – Classroom Parties
All visitors to building-wide parties (IE: Halloween, Christmas & Valentines) must be identified prior to the date of the party, and visitors will be limited to 5 per classroom, per event. Visitors who are not on the predetermined list will not be allowed access to the building. As has been customary, the PTA holiday room parents will help organize visitor lists to these events. Sign-up sheets will be available at Orientation Nights (8/14 & 8/15), and parents may sign up through their child’s room parent, which are determined shortly after the beginning of the school year (September/October). If you have any further questions, please communicate with the school office.
Change 3 – No “Kitchen-Prepared” Classroom Treats
All classroom treats brought to school for birthdays or other activities, must be store bought and packaged commercially with ingredients clearly labeled. In the past, some kitchen-prepared items were allowed (IE: donuts, cupcakes, cakes), provided ingredients were clearly labeled. Moving forward, however, kitchen-prepared items will not be allowed, as we cannot guarantee they are prepared in a setting (or near ingredients) that will not compromise our children’s safety.
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Twice As Nice Contest

The fourth grade recently held its annual Twice As Nice Contest. Students were assigned the task of creating new and useful product from materials destined for the landfill.
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Facts & Numbers

  • Enrollment Number Total number of students enrolled is 653.
  • boardoftrustees Class Sizes Average number of students per class is 21.
  • Student Mobility Student who transfer in or out of school between the first day of October and the last school day of the year is 12%.
  • applebooks Teacher Retention Of full time teachers, 88.3% return to the elementary school year to year.
  • Advanced Academic Classes Advanced classes are offered in math and language arts for grades 4 and 5.
  • Outside the Core In addition to core academics, all students have classes in art, library, music, social & emotional learning, and technology.
  • Beyond Academics Outside the classroom students participate in K-Kids, the Kiwanis elementary school program.
  • 1-to-1 Computing Students in grades 2-5 are issued a Chromebook for accessing curriculum, producing products of learning, and developing 21st Century skills.

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